a swift 复苏.


Being hurt because of someone else’s negligence in providing adequate security can be frustrating. Many victims don’t know how much they can collect in damages or who is even at fault. The truth is that a business owner has a legal duty to provide proper security, 比如保安和安全摄像头, 为了那些来这里做生意的人的安全. If a property owner provides inadequate security in a location with a history of crime, they can also be held responsible for your injuries under premises liability law.

而保险公司可能会来找你赔钱, 他们可能希望你拿着一小笔钱走人. However, these settlements often fall far below what victims need to make a proper financial 复苏 from their injuries. 过失安全诉讼, however, can help you collect compensation for the many damages caused by the incident, 包括工资损失, 精神创伤, 以及暴力犯罪后的精神困扰.

If you are a victim of a crime that occurred on a commercial property or because of a negligent property owner, 你可能有资格获得赔偿. Contact our negligent security lawyers to learn how we can help you make a full financial 复苏. Call (559) 702-5124 安排免费咨询,了解bb电子如何提供帮助.


Negligent security claims involve violent crimes committed on someone else’s property. These cases involve businesses and property owners who know their location has a history of criminal activity. 然而,他们未能提供足够的安全保障, 门锁, 足够的照明, 保安人员, 以及其他合理的安全措施.

This lack of appropriate security measures can result in various crimes, including:

  • 持械抢劫
  • 性侵犯
  • Assault
  • 头部受伤
  • Wrongful death

If you are suffering because of crimes committed in a location where the property owner failed to provide a safe environment, 你有一定的权利必须得到保护. 你不应该孤军奋战. You need 疏忽的保安律师 who understand California law and can prove that your injuries occurred because the owner neglected to provide adequate security measures that would have kept you safe. 联系纽尼斯法律有限公司. 立即了解bb电子如何帮助您收取损害赔偿.


Successful negligent security claims show that the crime occurred in high-crime areas with a history of criminal activity. This proves that the property owner knew or should have known they needed better security at their location.


  • 购物中心
  • 公寓大楼
  • 车库
  • 停车场
  • 酒吧和餐馆
  • 加油站
  • 公共交通车站
  • Parks
  • 工作场所
  • 杂货店
  • 体育赛事
  • 游乐园
  • 学校和大学
  • 医院和疗养院

地点是公有的还是私有的, you have the right to feel safe because proper security measures are in place. It can be incredibly frustrating to suffer preventable harm because a property owner failed to install security cameras or other appropriate measures, even though they knew about prior incidents of crimes committed in the area.

如果你是在公寓大楼受伤的, 购物中心, 停车场, 或者其他财产, 你可以收取受害者的赔偿金. Please contact our talented legal team to aggressively pursue justice and collect the compensation you deserve. You may even be able to prevent more people from being hurt by holding negligent property owners accountable. 今天就打电话吧!


如果你因为安全措施不足而受伤, 比如照明不足, 业主未提供保安人员或其他原因, 你可以在安全过失索赔中追回金钱损失.

许多受害者一开始并没有意识到他们受伤的程度. These traumatic experiences can cause devastating mental conditions like PTSD, 抑郁症, 和焦虑. Severe mental and emotional suffering can prevent victims from enjoying their lives or gaining employment. 他们可能会失去工作、家园等等. Opening a lawsuit due to the property owner’s failure to keep you safe can help you recover financially.

Some items that could be covered in a negligent security lawsuit include the following:

  • 医疗费用
  • 医生的访问
  • 医疗费用
  • 物理治疗
  • 救护车费用
  • 外科手术
  • 工资损失
  • 失去了工资
  • 失去假期和奖金
  • 收入能力下降
  • Wrongful death
  • 情感创伤
  • 精神痛苦,包括创伤后应激障碍
  • 失去生活的乐趣
  • 联营损失
  • 痛苦和折磨

Please recognize that the property owner owes you a duty of care if their location is in a high-crime area. You should act now to protect your rights by hiring negligent security lawyers who will fight for you. 伸出手去 纽尼斯法律有限公司. 今天要和bb电子富有同情心的律师谈谈.


Negligent security cases can be highly complex because they usually occur without surveillance footage. 这就造成了一种他说她说的情况. 然而,熟练 疏忽的保安律师 比如纽尼斯法律有限公司 .的律师. have the experience necessary to uncover evidence that the negligent security incident caused you severe injury and that it could have been prevented by installing security cameras or providing adequate security measures.

如果你受伤了, 被性侵犯, 或者因为疏忽的安全犯罪失去了所爱的人, 请接受bb电子最深切的哀悼. We believe that negligent owners of apartment complexes and commercial establishments should be held liable for their failure to provide a safe environment for those on their property.

请相信bb电子的诚实, 奉献, 知识, 以及在诉讼中获得所需结果的经验. We promise to stand by your side throughout the proceedings and communicate effectively so you understand all of your options. Contact our caring, capable legal team immediately to schedule a free consultation at (559) 702-5124.